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Offering Garden Liaison & Design Services 


Meet Your Garden 
Educator &

Kim is an educator, designer and liaison. Her love of gardens pushed her to achieve a Master of Landscape Architecture from Kansas State University where she was awarded the King Medal for Excellence in Architectural and Environmental Research.


Kim started working in the industry as a garden laborer in the 90s. She had the opportunity to work on all scales and a variety of projects. From backyard gardens to planned estates, she learned the ropes by being immersed in the trade. Some days were spend deadheading perennials beds - others, hand digging natural bed edges.  

Today, Kim offers her services as your personal garden liaison. Set up an appointment with Kim and she will personally come to your garden and hear your goals. She will then connect you to the perfect garden specialist on her team to complete the work. In a sense, we are a handyman service for your garden. From small tilling jobs to complete garden overhauls, we work hard to make it happen every step of the way. 






She enjoys helping future garden designers learn the trade as an adjunct instructor at a local community college. Kim also offers clients the opportunity to create gardens through her garden coaching program. Her style mixes native, nativar and specialty plant materials guaranteed to delight the gardener looking for a little extra help on their journey to garden greatness!


Kim enjoys working within the context of the natural environment to create gardens of all sizes and to create nature-inspired bulb arrangements with found vintage pieces, local artisanal pottery and colorful beeswax.


To work with Kim and her team, book online today! 

We have a few fun events scheduled for the 2023 garden season!


We will be at Junkstock, May 5th through May 7th.

You will find our waxed bulbs, Calla lilies in bloom, peach trees and a variety of garden treasures we have curated over the years. 

On June 7th, Kim will be presenting at the Josyln Castle & Gardens for the, This Old Castle series. This is a hands on event intended to help homeowners with their "old castle gardens." 

For more information about either of these events, click on the link below.s

Looking for a local garden event this spring? We have you covered!

With over 10 years of experience in the Omaha/Metro, Kim has designed, dug, drilled and maintained gardens for clients. Today, she is using her wealth of knowledge to help you. Kim is your one-stop garden liaison. She will connect you with the best outdoor artisans in the area to bring your vision to life. 

Sit back and relax! Kim takes care of all the details. 


Fill out our form today!

Do You Need 
Help in Your Garden?


Then you are in the right place! 


Do you dream of a beautiful garden where you can relax and reset? Do you want to grow your own food or forage in your backyard for native and specialty cut flowers?


Browse the gardens we have helped others create and contact us to learn how we can help you, too!

Love to garden but you need some advice?

Here to help you reach your 2023 gardening goals!

Ready to take your first step toward garden greatness? Book Online today and Kim will contact you within 24 hours. 


With over 150 flowering bulbs sold, 17 environmental gardens installed and 25+ gardens designed, Kim has the skill set to help you achieve your garden goals. 

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